Irene Brady

American author and illustrator. She started writing and illustrating her own books at the age of only 19 and has since written and illustrated many more, as well as illustrating books for other authors. Her specialities are nature and animals. She has also travelled extensively, written nature guides and taught many nature workshops.

Apart from her non fictional works, she has written a few children's stories, again featuring animals. One story is pony-themed, although she has also written and illustrated a non-fic book about horse and pony breeds. Additionally she illustrated the pony book
Cloud Horse by Jill Pinkwater

More information about the author and her work can be found on the Natureworks website (see link).

Horse & Pony Books:

aka A HORSE NAMED DOODLEBUG (Paperback edition)
Also a Book Club edition.
Reprinted by Scholastic in paperback when it was re-titled.
EDITIONS PICTURED: 1st edition, paperback edition.
SUMMARY: A girl buys a neglected and injured pony at an auction and finds out he is the black horse of her dreams!

Collector's Info:
Very easy to find in the USA. Not so easy to find elsewhere, but there are cheap copies to be bought from America via Amazon UK.